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5 stars for Grayson's Vow by Mia Sheridan @MSheridanAuthor

Christy's Review: 

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 'Little Witch' stars!

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Mia Sheridan is one of those authors who never disappoints. When I’m reading a book of hers, I know it will hit me in the feels. I know it will have superb writing and an original concept. I know even if her characters are broken, they will be strong and preserver. I love this about her. This is why she’s an auto-buy author for me. When I saw she had a new book releasing, I knew my schedule was packed and I didn’t have time to read it, but I made time- and I’m so happy I did! I loved this book!

Kira Dallaire has all kinds of wild or ‘big ideas’. She is not in the best place right now and has to come up with something. When she meets Grayson Hawthorn she devises a plan… no one is going to save Kira. She’ll just save her self.

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Kira and Grayson couldn’t be more different if they tried. But they have one thing in common. They need each other. They are both desperate in one way or another and the other person is their only hope. As much as Grayson does not want to take this woman up on her usual business arrangement, he wants to save his family’s vineyard more than anything so he does.

With Grayson’s scaly and abrupt personality and Kira’s fiery and feisty one, they take to the nicknames “Dragon and Little Witch”. I found this adorable.

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Grayson and Kira’s personalities do not mesh. They are both headstrong and stubborn. Kira is one of the most kind and selfless heroines, but she also stands her ground. I think she is my favorite heroine out of all of Mia’s books. Her personality was so fun and she was a generous and loving soul. Grayson was broken, damaged from a childhood and a past that haunted him. He does not trust easily. He does not love easily. And he doesn’t let people in. He doesn’t need anyone to help him or heal him. But spending so much time with Kira makes him question all that.

Grayson found himself wanting Kira more and more. As he continued to see the ‘real her’ and not who he thought she was, his desire for her only grew.

My desire for her burned, scalding my heart. Beautiful, willful, tender, stubborn, compassionate, infuriating little witch.

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As you can tell, I loved and adored Kira, Grayson was wonderful too, but there were other characters that really stuck out to me as well. Charlotte and Walter were fantastic as was Shane. Even though Grayson felt he never really had anyone in his corner, that wasn’t true. Those people were there for him all along whether he saw it or not. Even though Kira’s Gram wasn’t in the book, I loved her presence- especially in the beginning. I was very close to my Gran and she was the wisest person I knew so these quotes really stood out to me and moved me.
Today may be a very bad day, but tomorrow may be the best day of your life. You just have to hang on until you get there.

Watch what people do when they think no one’s watching, love. That’s how you know who they really are.

In this story, Mia shows us that love is not perfect. Sometimes life is painful and hard. Sometimes love isn’t easy- but it’s worth it.

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“There is always pain in this life. Not just for me, not just for you- for everyone. You can’t avoid it. And sometimes the pain is so great, it feels as if it carves out the very essence of who you are. But it doesn’t, not if you don’t allow it to. It carves out a place in you, yes, but love is meant to fill that space. If you let it, pain makes more space for love within you. And the love we carry inside makes us strong when nothing else can.”

Grayson’s Vow is a gorgeous and emotional story about love, strength and perseverance. It was also a lot of fun to read. It made me cry, it made me smile and it made me feel. I’m not sure if there is a better combination out there. I love books that make me feel, but also make me laugh and smile. It was the perfect mix.  A sure sign I loved a book is when I stayed up all night and read it cover to cover and thats exactly what I did with this one! Grayson’s Vow is one I highly recommend!

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