Friday, June 19, 2015

Vérité by Rachel Blaufeld!

Christy's Review
4.5 stars 

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This is the second book I’ve read by Rachel Blaufeld. I enjoyed the first, but this was so much better for me. I really connected with the characters and loved the direction the story took. It’s  a wonderful NA coming of age book and one that will stay with me.

 photo bd7fb94a-fcc1-4595-ba90-3533b4921d3c_zpsrxqh7qks.jpgTingly is coming off a rough year. She’s made some poor decisions in the past, but she’s determined to turn it around. To focus on school and track (she’s an athlete on scholarship). While doing some mandatory study sessions, she meets Tiberius Jones. A new guy on the basketball team. Ty likes Tingly right away. There is something about this girl that makes him want to reach out and be friends with her. Tingly doesn’t make that easy for him.


Ty befriends Tingly and gives her the nickname T Rex (which sounds a bit silly but I absolutely loved). He brings her into his fold with the basketball team and even though it’s a bit rocky at first, he gives her a place to belong. A new normal. A group of friends that are like family.

 photo dddbc9ce-776c-40c7-83a0-dddcdcd42be7_zpsmmozgdxu.jpgI love stories about falling in love. Ones that aren’t rushed and where you can actually see and feel it happening. Once Ty talks his Rex into becoming friends with him, it’s not long before she’s falling. Even though she tries really hard not to. Ty is a persistent guy. He’s genuinely a good person. He was raised the right way and it shows. I adored his character. Tingly did things that irked me, but in the end she always came around.


This is not your every day sports romance. It’s not just a book about an interracial couple. It’s so much more than that. I loved the writing style, the flow of the book and the characters. Even the ones that took me longer to like, I ended up loving in the end. These characters aren’t perfect (well, Ty is pretty close) but they’re real. I know this is a stand-alone but I’m hoping down the line Blaufeld will give us some spin offs- a Jamel, Trey or Lamar book ;)

If you like sports romances, coming of age stories and/or new adult reads, this is one I would highly recommend!

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