Monday, May 18, 2015

Rook & Ronin series... Meet the Players. RONIN FLYNN.

Rook & Ronin series (Tragic, Manic and Panic) by JA Huss


Meet RONIN FLYNN. He’s a top model. But that’s not his only identity. He belongs to a ‘team’. His job on the team is the liar. He’s the face of the operations. He’s the voice. He is the fall guy. But he’s also something else… he’s the lover of the group. Once he meets his tragic girl, she changes him. He’s sweet, patient, attentive and loving with Rook. He’s also sexy as can be. 

If you’re a fan on Ronin’s- jump on over and join Shrike Bike’s-

If you haven’t met him yet, here is the link to the complete trilogy-

This is an amazing and original series by

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