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Bayou Grise release day!

Christy's Review: 

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Last year I went out of my comfort zone and read a book that I wouldn’t normally read. I fell in love with the story Villere House. It was such a unique, mysterious/paranormal romance and it knocked me off my feet. I can’t recommend that book enough. Bayou Grise is the second book in the Blood of My Blood series. It focus’s on Xavier’s brother, Julien. Julien is the type of character I love to read about. He’s not near as sweet as Xavier. He’s a little less sweet and charming and a little more brash, sexy and dominate.  When Julien leaves NOLA to go to the Bayou and figure things out, he meets someone named Nichole. And he might have just met his match.

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Nichole is back in the Bayou for her father. Her father, who everyone claims is dead. Died in a fishing accident- a gator must have got him. That’s what everyone says. But Nichole knows better. Nichole has a little bit of magic up her sleeve as well. The Villere’s aren’t the only family who possesses these gifts. But to Nichole, it is more of a curse. She will have to use all her strength to find her father. Even if that means getting help from the handsome and cocky visitor at the plantation. Julien.

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I like Nichole and Julien together. I feel like they really compliment each other. Their relationship is less of a epic romance and more of a discovery. I love the history and culture that this series presents. The adventure these two go on. It makes me feel like I’m right there, wrapped up in the Voodoo world. I love books that feel like they take you places, and Fear and Hussey have that gift.

If you like books that are different, fresh and have a bit more suspense and supernatural type themes, this is a series I would recommend. If you’re like me, and that’s not your normal type of book, I would still recommend you give these books a go. They’re well written, entertaining and have great story lines. I can’t wait to see what this duo comes up with next!

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Bayou Grise'
by Leslie Fear and C.D. Hussey
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& The Indie Bookshelf

Sequel to Villere House
Release Date:  April 14, 2014

After being possessed by the ghost of Sanite Villere and made to do unspeakable things, Julien Villere is ready to get the hell out of New Orleans, and fast. Haunted by lingering shame, humiliation, and guilt, Julien discovers the perfect opportunity to escape when he discovers strange shrines to two women with the last name Grisé in his grandmother’s closet. 

A gator. That's what police say killed Nichole Montoya's father while he fished in Bayou Grisé. But she knows better, knows he isn't dead. Not because they haven’t found his body, but because she hasn't seen his ghost. Reluctantly returning to Plantation Grisé to settle his estate, Nichole is determined to do everything in her power to find him, even revisit old demons.

Located deep in the swamps of the Louisiana bayou, Plantation Grisé looks like a peaceful place for Julien to come to terms with his constant self-torment. But beyond the Live Oaks, Spanish Moss, and postcard surroundings, the Planation has its share of mystery. Together Nichole's demons and Julien's skeletons might just give them the answers they seek.

Meet the Authors
Leslie Fear
When not writing or driving teenagers around, Leslie also reviews books for The Indie Bookshelf blog, which she co-founded.
Leslie lives in Texas with her husband, two great kids and one very silly pug.

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/author.leslie.fear?fref=ts

C.D. Hussey
When not writing, C.D. Hussey enjoys a career as a professional engineer. She currently lives in the Midwest with her husband, teenage son, and two cats.
Besides exploring the world of Human Vampires, C.D. also enjoys writing fantasy romance. 

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/CD-Hussey/229054990442307?fref=ts

Series Information
Book 1
Villere House
Buy on Amazon http://tinyurl.com/pdnnz8w

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Aug 1, 2015 in Fort Worth Texas
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