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The Bristol Island Tales by Elizabeth Finn- blog tour

Title: The Fight for Us & Inappropriate
Series: Bristol Island Tales
Author: Elizabeth Finn
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
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The Fight for Us:
When Isaiah moves his teenage daughter Natalie to a new town, there is little doubt he’s running away from the past. But what should have been a fresh start for them ends up fraught with pain and heartache when Natalie becomes the victim of intense bullying at her new school.    
When Joss is called to a meeting with the high school principal to discuss her daughter Harper’s involvement in the bullying of a new student, she’s shocked to say the least. Her daughter can’t possibly be that child.    
It’s a rocky start for Joss and Isaiah as they try to set their daughters on the right path. But there is more to Joss’s and Isaiah’s connection than just two teenage girls. Joss’s and Isaiah’s attraction to one another is undeniable, regardless of their fractious start. But his soul is broken, and as much as he’s drawn to her, he’s equally terrified of what that means.    
Is Isaiah strong enough to let her get close to him?    
Life sometimes forces you to make those choices whether you’re ready to or not. And when Joss’s life is turned upside down, Isaiah has to decide if he’s ready to leave his past behind and live again, or if he’s going to watch what he’s come to care so much for slip away. Isaiah’s fight is profound. Joss’s is too. And their strength to withstand it all is brutally tested.    
Sometimes the willingness to fight for another is all a person has left to give. And sometimes the fight is the most important gift of all.

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Christy's Review THE FIGHT FOR US
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
   photo 153cfa17-b860-4c19-a27d-f6c58d6fe46a_zpsbff9d71a.jpg

Joss and Isaiah don’t have the ideal meeting. It is not love at first sight, if anything they might loathe each other. Isaiah is new to town. After a family tragedy, he and his daughter Natalie decide for a fresh start. Move away from the past that is full of pain. Unfortunately, this new start isn’t exactly what they expected.

When Joss gets called into her daughters principal’s office, she is stunned. There is no way her daughter, her sweet and caring daughter could be one of the girls bullying the new girl. Isaiah’s daughter. Joss is beside herself. She’s going through a lot right now with work, her terrible (and I mean terrible ex.) She does not need this too. Joss works hard to make sure Natalie isn’t being bullied by her daughter. By doing that, little by little, she slowly wins Isaiah over. But they could never be together? Could they?

   photo 89c3fcbe-52da-4246-9222-8c6f3f52c312_zpsadcc332b.jpg

Joss and Isaiah’s relationship wasn’t easy. They both had very complicated pasts and their family situations weren’t ideal. Still, you could feel the connection between them. It’s almost as if they couldn’t fight it, even if they wanted to. That’s what this story is about. The fight. Fighting to overcome their pasts, fighting for their daughters, their families. Most importantly, fighting for each other. Dealing with pasts make their relationship difficult... but anything worth having is worth fighting for.

Isaiah started off a bit jerky, which I loved! He may have been a little harsh with Joss, but it just showed how much he loved and cared for his daughter. He would do anything for her. Such a devoted parent and a stand up guy. Isaiah was able to show Joss, who had been through the most dysfunctional and awful relationship, what it was like to be loved and cherished. Joss. My heart broke for her. Hearing about her past and the things she still endured today for the sake of her daughter. It was hard to read about. Even though all her choices weren’t wise, I admired her for the way she handled Harper. The way she reached out to Natalie and never gave up on Isaiah.

   photo 46e2193e-aa67-4af2-ba47-ebb48919e58a_zps0c69c169.jpg

The Fight for Us is a journey. Two beautiful and broken people, two beautiful and broken families coming together. I adored the family dynamic in this story. The way both of the MC’s were with their daughters won me over early on. Tackling something like bullying and self harm aren’t easy subjects to write about, but she did it well.

As always, Elizabeth Finn’s writing is incredible. I love all the feelings I experienced while reading this. There were a few tears (don’t worry, not too many), some smiles and laughs, and of course, some steamy parts! By the end, especially that epilogue, my heart was full! This is a wonderful story of love, second chances and healing that I very much enjoyed.

   photo 4bc8820f-40b9-48bd-9e83-243fdb68bc1e_zps6f39b0bb.jpg

Cohen is a man apart on Bristol Island—an outcast loved by all but separated by his position within the community. Dylan is the newest resident in town, but she arrives with a dark secret and a desire to keep it buried.   
But when burning attraction is thrown into the mix, his job and her secrets are quickly forgotten—that is until one impetuous decision renders a relationship off-limits, unethical, and utterly inappropriate.   
Living next door to one another on the island’s isolated peninsula guarantees their paths will cross time and time again. With fate tempting Cohen to ignore his conscience and, for the first time in his life, gamble with the rules, will he risk everything for Dylan?   
And what happens when Dylan’s past suddenly catches up to her? Will she find the strength to bare her soul to him? Or will she let her secrets take them both down?   
Sometimes the inappropriate relationship is the most appropriate of them all.

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Christy's Review INAPPROPRIATE

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
5 stars!

   photo 5e8acb82-d2c8-4688-9a10-2a13c3f7e97a_zps1d81a80f.jpg

I’ve read quite a few books by this author, and I have to say that this is one of my favorites. I loved the element of forbidden romance and the way the story made me feel.  As always, Finn's writing is exceptional, her characters are well developed and the story is equal parts steamy, emotional and beautiful.

Dylan Corbett is a writer of romance. She decides to move to Bristol Island for a fresh start. Fresh scenery. She wants a place she can write in peace, a little on the secluded side. Dylan has one neighbor and he happens to be a very attractive man named Cohen Jessup, who Dylan later finds out (in a very uncomfortable manner) is Dr. Cohen Jessup.

   photo 701eb352-509f-4641-af57-50b954e5180a_zpsc3f0e007.jpg

Cohen and Dylan are immediately attracted to one another. That is obvious. But now that Cohen has seen Dylan as a patient, in a more invasive way, it makes things complicated for them. Ethically, it makes it inappropriate for them to be anything other than friends. Keeping things just friends is extremely difficult. Especially for Cohen. He’s insanely attracted to Dylan and feels like he can do nothing about it.
He wanted to feel all of her- every inch. The woman he couldn’t ethically fuck, he wanted to fuck six ways to Sunday without a single socially acceptable barrier between them.

With Cohen’s job, Dylan’s job, and Dylan’s secret past that she’s keeping secret for a very good reason, things seem impossible for these two. Wanting something, well, someone you can’t have is a terrible feeling. It hurts your heart.

   photo 46741bfe-3374-417c-93c7-3d94ffdc166c_zps7400c7d6.jpg

Cohen and Dylan’s journey was not easy. Their fight to decide if they can risk to be together isn’t an easy choice for either of them. Elizabeth Finn makes her characters work for it. They never have an easy path, and I like that. I like their their relationship isn't quick and easy. It takes work, it takes time, it's realistic and raw. It’s apparent that no matter how hard they try to stay away from one another, no matter how many lines they try not to cross, they are drawn to one another. They can’t stay away.
“I don’t know how to stop wanting you.”

   photo dbc52d72-8986-4494-a2c6-dc97b59a656d_zpsb95017a1.jpg

Dylan was a fantastic heroine. She was real. She had mistakes in her past she wasn’t proud of, but she was strong. Cohen really had a struggle when it came to his job and how he felt about this forbidden relationship, but he is able to see what’s really important. Cohen and Dylan were great together. Their chemistry was off the charts high. The sex scenes were off the charts hot, but I had no doubt they would be.

Inappropriate is a great addition to the Bristol Island series. It can be read as a stand alone, but meeting Joss and Isaiah in book one isn’t a bad idea. I can’t wait for this series to continue, and I very much hope that the next book is about Cohen’s brother Caleb. Any time he was around, he stole the show.

A captivating read from start to finish, Inappropriate is a book I highly recommend.

“I was never a rule breaker. And I’ve never been a mistake maker. Until now.”

   photo 987e7bb7-be3a-4899-b10f-200af861da36_zps6f81f863.jpg

About the Author:

Elizabeth Finn is a multi-published contemporary romance author. Her passion is creating stories packed full of believable conflicts, characters who leave you rooting for them, and romance that might just short-circuit your e-reader. She likes her characters flawed, but they always find the best part of themselves on their journey. And her readers find themselves devoted to her honest and heartfelt voice.
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