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UnBeautiful by Jessica Sorensen

Christy's Review 

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
4 stars!

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I expected UnBeautiful to be like the Redemption series, since it is technically a spin-off series. Ryler is Luke’s cousin. But this story is nothing like the Redemption books. It’s something else entirely.

Emery is a girl who’s been sheltered the worst way all her life. She’s 18 now. She has had this plan to get out. And she did. She left her parents home, is going to college an hour away and living on her own. Her parents still show up from time to time, but not living under their thumb is refreshing. Sheltered isn’t even the best word to describe Emery’s upbringing. It was just completely messed up.

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The scars remind me of who I am.
That I’m not the person people
think I am.
That I’m different.
That I have darkness.
Ryler is living with his cousin Luke. He’s left Vegas and his gambling father behind, but he’s still living with the consequences of his time there. Ryler is also there for a fresh start. It’s not began yet for him, but it’s close. When Ryler meets Emery for the first time, he’s attracted to her. It’s hard not to be. Then he realizes she can communicate with him, and things change for him. Ryler is mute so having someone who can do that is important. He and Emery start spending a little time together. They really like each other.

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These two characters are so different from one another on the outside, yet they are both at a crossroads in their lives. And they are so much more connected than either one of them could have ever imagined...

It’s no secret that I love Jessica Sorensen’s writing. Her damaged characters. I liked that this was a unique storyline. It is a bit on the short side, but it kept me engrossed the entire time. I read it in one sitting. After finishing and seeing how everything clicked together (but there is a lot that still needs clicking) I am so anxious to get to the second book! Thankfully it comes out in February so not much longer.

This was an entertaining read that doesn't have a huge cliffhanger, but leaves you wanting more.

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