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Mai Tai'd Up by Alice Clayton

Mai Tai'd Up 
by Alice Clayton 

Christy's Review:

Mai Tai'd Up (Cocktail, #4)Mai Tai'd Up by Alice Clayton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 ‘It’s witchcraft’ stars!

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Alice Clayton can always make me laugh and leave a smile on my face. Fun, sexy, and hilarious. It’s a formula she has perfected. The romance, the banter, laugh out loud moments, the spunky heroines and the swoony heroes. Mai Tai’d Up had all of that! It was such an entertaining read for me!

Chloe Patterson is a beauty queen who is set to marry a successful attorney, but she can’t go through with it. So she leaves town the day of her wedding. Chloe ends up in her father’s family property in Monterey. She needs a fresh start. Too much pressure at home from her mother and ex-finance and Chloe can’t handle it. She isn’t looking for a man, but when she finds one, she wants those sparks. She wants to be in love.

“I want it all. I want all encompassing, knock your socks off, can’t live without you, can’t be in a room without wanting you naked, love.”

Chloe has a passion for rescue dogs. So it’s only natural she meets town Veterinarian, Lucas Campbell.

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Lucas is sweet, funny, lovable, sexy and charming. I adored him from the start. He is taken back by Chloe. She is nothing like he first expected.  Chloe is a fantastic heroine. I loved that she really went out on her own and did what she wanted and what she was passionate about. That takes guts. And her with those dogs... it made me so happy, yet brought me to tears a time or two. I just loved that aspect of her. Seeing that side of her made me love her so much more!

Chloe and Lucas end up spending a ton of time together. Especially when Chloe’s Pit bull rescue starts really taking off. He volunteers his time helping with the dogs, and they become fast friends. Lucas has been through a lot. He’s not looking for a relationship either. The last woman he was in love with left him standing at the alter. It’s terrible timing for them to be together, but they have so much fun when they are with each other and there are so many sparks.

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Chloe is afraid. Afraid what would happen if Lucas found out her secret. Afraid that if they got into a relationship it would hurt their friendship. They both just got out of something serious and the last thing she wants is to be a rebound.
Could two rebounds cancel each other out? Or would they be double disaster?

But really... you can only fight that kind of attraction for so long...

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I truly enjoyed this book! I loved that Chloe and Lucas started out as such great friends. They brought out the best in each other and fell slowly. It was sweet. And so many times I just busted a gut laughing!
“Holy sweet fuck, are you kidding me?”

Here’s the thing about an enormous penis. They don’t just live in romance novels …

“Pardon me?” he finally said, his hands frozen on my hips, his lips halfway down my neck.

“Sorry. Actually, not sorry. Actually, congratulations.” I pointed down. “This is kind of amazing.”

He threw his head back and laughed out loud. “My dick is amazing?”

So why not 5 stars? I had the same problem with this book as I did with the last book in this series. When it takes the majority of a book for my couple to get together, I want it big and I want an amazing epilogue that makes it all worth it. I feel like when we finally got what we were waiting for, it was over far too soon! And as much as I loved Lucas, there was a part towards the end that disappointed me a bit when it came to him...

Overall, I have to say that Mai Tai’d Up was a win for me! If you’re looking for a short and sexy read with two completely lovable characters that will make you laugh, smile and swoon, pick this one up! It was a great addition to Clayton’s Cocktail series!

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‘I’ve got you under my skin...’

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