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Laces and Lace blog tour!

Christy's Review:

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Everyone has that one person who leaves an imprint on their heart.
Earlier this year I read this novella called Tangled in Laces by Toni Aleo and I was hooked on Karson and Lacey’s story. I was dying to find out what happened to these two. I was so excited to finally read Laces and Lace! Toni Aleo has this writing style that I completely adore. Her Assassin’s series is one of those series where every single book has been a winner for me, and this was no exception.

Nine years ago, Karson King and Lacey Martin fell in love. They found that once in a life time, real deal love at a young age. And they both thought nothing could ever tear them apart, that they would be together forever…

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When they were together for those three glorious months, he cherished her like the Stanley cup. Yeah, it was short, but it was perfect. She was it to him. She was everything.

But things happened, choices were made, and in the end, the three months of bliss is now only a memory. Karson is following his dream, playing pro hockey with the Assassin’s. Lacey is doing what she always wanted to do. Owning her own business and helping breast cancer survivors like herself. Even though they’re both extremely happy with where they are professionally, somethings missing. Something has always been missing. When you find that one true love of your life, it’s hard to get past it. It’s hard to let anyone else fill that spot in your heart. And neither one of them has.

Even with a brother who is a professional hockey player, Lacey has managed to avoid seeing Karson for the last 9 years. Then one night it happens, they run into each other. That pull they’ve always felt, it’s still there. The connection, the chemistry, none of it has gone away after all this time. Karson knows when he first sees Lacey that she’s still it for him. And Lacey knows that Karson still has that place in her heart. He always has and always will.

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One night together after all those years, and it’s like they still fit, still belong together.

What would you do if you had a second chance at your first love? Would you embrace it, fight for it? Things are not easy for Karson and Lacey. If they want to try to make a go of it, they know they have a fight ahead of them. They live in different cities, they both have important jobs, her family is a giant obstacle as well. But some loves are worth fighting for…

“I believed it then, I believe it now. We are soul mates, Karson. We are meant to be together, and together we are complete.”

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Karson King. He is one of Toni’s amazing boys! Swoony, sexy and sweet. There is no way you won't love this guy! Lacey I had mixed feelings about. I liked her a lot of the book, but there are some moments I had issues with her. Not to say I didn’t understand (view spoiler)… Nate and Rachel. I can’t even talk about those two. Karson's family was incredible! And there was one character that was new and I absolutely loved! His name is JT and he is an animal- but so so funny! I really hope we get a book for him! I can’t even imagine what it would be like to read an entire JT book but I want to!

Laces and Lace is a heartwarming, sweet and sexy story about true love, about giving second chances and overcoming all obstacles to be happy with the one you love. Lacey and Karson’s journey wasn’t easy, but most things really worth it aren’t. Toni’s writing is top notch as always.There was tons of steam, some humor and lots of love. I enjoyed this one a lot and am looking forward to more Assassin’s books in the future!

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Home was where your heart was. And her heart was with Karson. It was that simple.

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