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BBU reviews Rock My Body by Michelle Valentine

Christy's Review: 

Rock My Body (Black Falcon, #4)Rock My Body by Michelle A. Valentine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4-4.5 stars!

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Michelle Valentine’s Black Falcon series is one that I’ve read from the very beginning. I’ve been waiting for the mysterious Tyke’s book for what feels like the longest time. As sad as I am to see this series end, I feel like Michelle did a fantastic job ending it. She created two broken characters in Tyke and Frannie that really worked together.

Tyke has been the glue that has held Black Falcon together for too long. While the other guys are off with their women, he’s the one writing the songs, constantly worried about the band. It’s the most important thing to him. The band. The music.
Music is the one thing I can completely lose myself in. When I’m in the moment, feeling the beat, I’m untouchable; nothing else matters… It’s what I was born to do.

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Tyke has fallen into a bad place. He’s been the strong link for too long and the pressure and stress has made him cave. After one two many benders and issues with the band, he has a choice to make. Go to rehab and get clean and together, or leave the band. The band is everything to him, so unwillingly he heads to rehab.

Frannie Mead is a recovering addict turned counselor. Her drug of choice wasn’t really a drug at all- at least not a substance. She is a recovering sex addict.  She’s been on the wagon for a while and excited to take this new job. She’s committed to staying out of trouble, but trouble walks right to her work. In the form of tattooed rocker Tyke Douglas. Who is just her type.

 Oh, God. Heaven help me. This man is going to be trouble. The kind I have a very hard time resisting.

Tyke is immediately attracted to Frannie. They have chemistry, and they both feel that pull towards one another.

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Frannie is committed to not acting on this attraction she feels to Tyke. She’s committed to try to help him. And she does. She gets through to him in the only way that seems to work. Music.

The more time Tyke and Frannie spend together, the more their bond grows. They really start to feel something for one another.
More than anything, I wish that we could’ve met under different circumstances- in a time when we both weren’t trying to overcome our demons.

Lines are crossed. Rules are broken. They can’t seem to stay away from each other no matter how hard they try.

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Being together is a risk. A huge risk. But neither one can stop the feelings they’ve developed.

I am a sucker for the broken characters. For the guys with issues. I am a fixer and I crave reading about these people. Tyke isn’t the only broken person in this relationship. Frannie is just as broken in a different way. They were both great characters. I’ve always been intrigued by Tyke’s quiet and sexy charm. Frannie was full of strength. She pushed some, but I didn’t blame her for that. Overall I loved them both.

The Black Falcon boys will always hold a special place in my heart. I love all these boys. Riff is still my favorite guy- I can’t get enough of him and his Oreo’s, but Tyke surprised me by becoming a close second!  I love Michelle’s fast paced and sexy writing. The books are so easy to read, fun, steamy and emotional. The songs at the beginning of each chapter were a great touch. And the epilogue. It was so great! This book had a touch of forbidden love which is also something I always enjoy reading about.

Rock my Body is a great end to a great series!

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Reanell's Review:

5 Tyke is mine stars!!

I absolutely loved Tyke! He is so different from the other guys in Black Falcon. While everyone else is off falling in love and spending time with their girlfriends he is left alone to wallow in his misery. He feels that he's the only band member to care what happens to the band. So he turns to women and drugs to get through the tough time. He masks his pain by partying. He fights the band when they decide they have had enough of his partying. But in the end he makes the decision to go to rehab so he can keep his spot in the band.

Frannie is a great heroine, she's been in that low place in life and knows how to help Tyke. Her addiction was a little different that Tyke's but its still an addition she has to fight. I love how she used music to help get Tyke to open up. Working in the song titles into the book was brilliant on Michelle's part. It gave us something else to connect to.

I'm so sad that this series had to end, but believe 100% that Michelle couldn't have ended it any better!! That epilogue!!! It was pure perfection!!! Michelle has a special quality to her writing so that's why I know that I can look forward to her many other series she has coming out and still get my fix!

So what are you waiting for if you haven't read this series yet?! Get on it! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

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