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Underneath it All by Kate Canterbary


Christy's Review! 

Underneath It All (The Walshes, #1)Underneath It All by Kate Canterbary
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars!

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When I start a book and the very first line is-
If I had known I’d have a hot architect balls deep inside of me before the end of the weekend, I’d have made time for a pedicure.

It’s always a good sign!

Lauren has spent the last year of her life working non-stop to follow her dream. Opening her own school. It’s been tireless and never-ending, but she’s almost there. She just needs to find a location. That’s where Matthew enters. He’s an architect and willing to help Lauren. Matt is also a workaholic. His family runs their own business and he’s busy as ever. When Matt meets Lauren, he’s taken back by his reaction to her. Matt usually doesn’t go for curvy blondes, but Lauren has this naughty schoolteacher thing going on. It’s driving him wild.

Lauren and Matt really hit it off. One of their first meetings turns into more than just a meeting and sends Lauren running for the hills. But Matt won’t let her get too far. He is so attracted to Lauren. It’s more than just her body, it’s her drive, her mind, and her feistiness.

“You’re a mouthy little thing, you know that? I don’t know why, but I like it a lot.”

Lauren doesn’t do relationships. Not even no strings attached ones. She’s attracted to Matt, she likes him as a person, but she doesn’t have the time for any distractions, any complications. Matt tries to show her otherwise.

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Matt was damn near perfection. He’s a workaholic, sure. His family is a hot mess, yes. But he is so sweet, funny and sexy. I found him to be completely endearing. He saw something in Lauren and I liked how he worked for it. He didn’t let go when she pushed, he just pushed harder. Because he knew. Knew there was more there than she was letting on.
I wanted this place we created. Where she stopped caring about everything else, where the only thing that mattered was how we fit together. Where we could get lost in each other.

And I can’t review this book without mentioning the sex… it was crazy hot. And there was plenty of it!

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Obviously I liked this book a lot, so why not 5 stars? Honestly, I think it took way too long for the heroine to get it together. I understand being hesitant to get into a relationship and that work/following your dream is important but for the love of all things holy! She took too long to get it together (for me). I also would have loved at least one scene with Lauren’t parents or brothers… but that’s just me! Still, there was a lot I loved about this book, and even a lot I loved about Lauren. She wasn’t an annoying heroine. I liked her determination, how funny she was and her relationship with Matt’s family. She really stepped it up when they needed her.

Overall, I enjoyed this sweet, sexy and light read. It was one of those books that was an easy read, an entertaining and fun read, but had just enough emotion to balance it out. It was also hella hot! I like this author’s writing style and I’m looking forward to reading about some of Matt’s siblings! Especially Riley

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