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Tied by @EmmaChase ~ Blog Tour

Bella's Rating: 5 Stars!!!

I LOVE Emma Chase's writing style. LOVE IT!!!

Tied is written in Drew's POV. I loved being in this character's mind - he is hilarious, cocky, blunt, belligerent and helplessly in love with Kate. I love how he talks to the reader and let's us in on secrets of how the male mind operates. This book is laugh out loud hilarious. Literally.

It was so awesome to catch up with these characters. Such a great cast of characters - makes me want to jump into the book and join their happy family of friends.

I loved seeing Drew and Kate as parents. James was ADORABLE. "No poosy, Daddy." LOL!!!

Deloris drove me a bit nuts with her antics. But when you go to Vegas for your bachelor and bachelorette party, there are bound to be some antics.

I was SO AFRAID that there would be some big misunderstanding between Drew and Kate and my heart could not take anything threatening the security of their relationship after Tangled. But I was so pleased with how this story unfolded.

Please read this book.

I highly recommend ALL of them. Start at the beginning. It's an amazing, funny, sexy, romantic series.

Christy's Rating: 4.5 Stars!!!

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Prince William and Kate can kiss my ass. Amateurs. We’ve got this wedding-of-the-century thing in the bag.

Emma Chase knows how to write a story that can have you rolling with laughter. When we first met Drew in Tangled, I was completely enamored with him. I mean how can you not love the man that is Drew Evans? As Drew would tell you, he’s pretty frigging awesome. The best part about Tied, is that it’s 100% from Drew’s point of view. There is nothing like being in the head of this guy. Drew is a little different than he was. Kate has changed him. Falling in love has changed him. Parenthood has changed him. But all in a good way.

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It’s two years post baby and Drew and Kate are finally taking the big leap. After figuring out their careers, adjusting to life with a toddler and getting past all their insecurities and issues, they’re getting hitched. I loved watching Drew and Kate as parents. Drew is just too much.
Our first commandment: Don’t wake the fucking baby. I’ll repeat that in case you missed it: DON’T WAKE THE FUCKING BABY. Like… ever. Still don’t get it? Must not have kids then.

With the upcoming nuptials, what better than a bachelor/bachelorette party in Las Vegas. The crew is getting together and baby James is staying the weekend with his grandparents. It’s Vegas… Nothing could go wrong… right?

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For me, Tied was better than the second book, but nothing can compare to Tangled in my eyes. There was just something about that story that I’m not sure can be topped! Catching up with our favorite characters was great! Not only did we get more Drew and Kate, but their friends were in a bulk of the book. There were a few misunderstandings, and even a moment where my heart completely dropped- but no true angst or anything like that. It was exactly the fun and heartwarming story I was hoping for.

Tied was another laugh out loud hilarious story by Emma Chase. She has a real talent for not only writing comedies, but writing from the male point of view. I haven’t read many books that have given such an incredible story straight from the guy. It feels like Drew is talking to you the entire time, and his mind is a fabulous place to be. Her stories are so funny, but they are also sweet, romantic and center around family and friendship, around growth, and most importantly, love. I think all fans of the series will enjoy this one, and if you haven’t read Tangled, you need to get to it asap!

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