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Finding Eden @MSheridanAuthor 5 Star Review!!!

Finding Eden by Mia Sheridan
Book Babes Unite was lucky enough to get an ARC of Becoming Calder and Finding Eden.  You guys - these books are SOOO GOOD!  

The story starts with Becoming Calder.  See our 5 star reviews here. (Click on the picture to buy it on Amazon)


Bella's 5 Star Review

(click on the picture to buy it on Amazon)

I have no words for the awesomeness I just read.

Mia Sheridan has given us a beautiful, powerful, intense, emotional read with Becoming Calder and Finding Eden.

Things I loved about this book:
- Alternating POV - thank you for this! This is my favorite style and I love it that we continue to get both Calder and Eden's sides of the story.
- The writing - OMG! Mia Sheridan made me cry, laugh, hurt, lust, love....She made me FEEL. I am writing this review 2 weeks after reading it and I still sometimes find myself thinking about these characters. This book will stick with me for a long, long time.
- Calder - sigh. Beautiful, sweet, tortured soul. I wanted to crawl into the book and hug him, protect him.
- Eden - she is so kind, strong and patient.
- Great secondary characters - LOVED Molly and I'm so glad we still saw Xander!
- The bed of healing!!!! LOVED this part!

Things I did not like about this book - not a thing!!!!

We get answers in Finding Eden. This was a much needed sequel or "part 2" to the story.

I thought I knew how Calder and Eden would find each other - but I was wrong.

I thought I knew about Calder's family...but I was wrong.

I thought I knew what would happen to Eden...but I was wrong again.

It is an unpredictable journey to self discovery for these two lovable characters.

I highlighted the crap out of this book. Here are a couple of my favorites:

"Take my hand. Let me carry you. It's my turn. Don't deny me that. Whatever I have..."

"I'm with him in the rain."

"That's our plan because I swear to you, my beautiful, sweet love, everyone deserves a love story that doesn't hurt."
...."Even us?" ....
...."Yes. I promise you. Even us."

"I'm yours. I've been since the beginning of time."

"I want to fuck you and worship you...I want to worship you while I fuck you. I want to fuck you until you feel how much I worship you."
Totally melted into a puddle after that part. SWOON!

Please, please read it!!! I highly recommend.
Christy's 5 Star Review:

   photo ce2ddb2e-4b40-48fd-96df-891a0d5d568a_zps44a4c131.jpg
“Whatever the highest rating is, that’s what I give that work of art.”

“Five stars.” she grinned.

“Five life changing, extremely satisfied stars.” I said, smirking and raising both eyebrows.

These two books have really been something special. Mia Sheridan has outdone her self. The story itself is epic. The writing- phenomenal. The characters- completely and utterly unforgettable.  Becoming Calder and Finding Eden are two books you will not want to miss out on.

   photo 7c32d8a9-29db-44d7-b66b-33dc0eee2f48_zps1b2f8db6.jpg

Calder and Eden. Last we saw them, their futures were so uncertain. Unstable. Both of these characters have unwavering strength. There is so much I want to say about this story. SO so much. It just wouldn’t be right. I can’t risk spoiling it for anyone.

   photo 28a988a6-4008-41e9-b3ad-fe169f5e3454_zps16d9ded2.jpg

While reading this beautiful and completely unique book, my emotions were all over the place. There were moments you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I actually laughed out loud a few times. Moments my heart was crushed, my jaw had dropped to the floor. There were tears of sorrow and tears of joy. Parts were I was beyond frustrated, and then parts where I felt so whole and complete just by reading. Gah. It’s such a feeling, reading books like this. It doesn’t happen nearly often enough, but when it does, it should be cherished. These are books I won’t be forgetting. So many quotes that just hit a cord with me. I highlighted so much.

“How could you be thankful for something when so much suffering was necessary to bring it to you? Or was that the very thing that defined real beauty- light after darkness? And maybe that was the whole point. If you constantly sought beauty in the most obvious places, in only the brightest of circumstances, perhaps you weren’t really looking for it at all.”

   photo b432e4ec-26cb-4e79-a2e4-0dcb2fdfe111_zps6a6b1ab5.jpg

Finding Eden is a beautiful, emotional, powerful and unforgettable.  To put it simply- I fell in love with this book and I fell in love with the characters. The writing was incredible and painfully beautiful. This is a series that will stay with you. You'll be thinking about it for days after you read. It’s just brilliant. I would highly recommend these to all readers. <3 data-blogger-escaped-br=""> 
“I think we have to focus on the beauty we’ve been given in this life, and make that the thing that defines us. Because people defined by bitterness end up destroying themselves from the inside out, and eventually the destroy everyone who tries to love them, too. That’s not going to be us.”

   photo 576bb3d8-4985-4a93-9a95-03aa5739a1c5_zpsd7e3fcef.jpg

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