Monday, July 14, 2014

Sins and Secrets by Jessica Sorensen

Christy's 4 star review! 

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*Just an FYI- this novel includes the prequel novella, Seduction & Temptation, so it’s two for the price of one. It gives a lot of Lola and Layton’s background so it’s a must read before starting this*

Jessica Sorensen gives us a fast paced story full of secrets, lies, action and mystery. With some steam and romance, it ended up begin a well rounded read. After reading the prequel to this story, I was hoping I would have some of my questions answered. I did get a few answers, but I think I developed even more questions while reading this one.

It’s a life I can’t let anyone know about because, if I allow too many people to know… or draw too much attention to myself, then they’ll discover my real name. What’s more, if the wrong people found out my real one, I’d be dead.

Lola Anders isn’t Lola Anders anymore. She’s not sure if she can ever be her again. She’s been on the run for two years. The people she is running from are seriously dangerous.

Lola feels like she has to leave her entire life behind her. Even the one thing she wishes she didn’t have to let go of…. Layton Everett. Layton is someone she can’t think about. When she does, she is filled with want, despair, need. Lola must stay emotionless to survive. She’s left her entire past behind her, but what happens when someone from her past discovers her? Will she be able to survive him?

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This isn’t Jessica Sorensen’s normal weepy read. It was low on emotion, yet high on action and mystery. As much as I enjoyed parts of this, I never felt a true connection to Lola. Still, it was an interesting read. I really liked Layton and the way it ended makes me want to give the next one a go to see what happens next!


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