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Tainted Touch by Lucy V. Morgan got a new cover!

New Cover Reveal
Tuesday 1st July 2014


"Provocative and of my favourite reads this year." --Kristen Callihan, award-winning author of the DARKEST LONDON series

"Holy Hell, I'm in love with this book! ...Every bit of it is beautiful...Tainted Touch went straight on my favourites shelf, and I can't wait for everyone to meet Art." --Book Babes Unite

"Tainted Touch brings moments of genuine hilarity, coupled with the potential to bring a reader to tears." --Give Me Books

"Tainted Touch kept me hooked from start to finish. From laughable moments to heartbreaking revelations, it is a witty, engaging, sexy read." --Book Drunk Blog

"This review would not be complete without mentioning the cake. It's practically a character in the book...If you make it through this book without falling victim to a cupcake, you're a better woman than I." --Dame Margo, I ♥ Bookie Nookie Reviews

Just call her Frigid & Hyde...

In the old English town of Foxfield, Caitlyn McCoe's doing a crap job of Not Being Touched. Her uni friends are too busy posing on Instagram to notice how a hug makes her cringe, but no matter--she's knee-deep in denial. Anyway, between combat classes, baking binges, digital marketing seminars and her job at the gym, there's no time to mull over the root of the problem: Dominic, the ex who puts the "oh God, please go away," in "dysfunctional."
Then HE shows up at the gym: the boxer. Fist Candy. The Bonfire Boy. From afar, he's beautifully nameless, and Cait lets herself want him because he's safe...until it turns out he's Art Lyons, the gym's new sports massage therapist and her co-worker. A co-worker who makes her long to be touched.
Art likes Cait. She likes him. It should be simple, but it never is, not now Dominic's crawling out of the woodwork and stirring everything the wrong way. And Cait's sister, Mills, keeps bugging her to read a book about a lighthouse and dead seagulls that might just be harbouring its own twisted message--if she can get over the puns.
So when Art turns out to have secrets of his own--four of them etched on to his skin in a scratched tattoo--it all feels like a bit much. Maybe touch is overrated. Maybe Cait's not built for it. But God, she wants to be. She wants him and this slow, slow burn...



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Author Bio

Lucy V. Morgan writes sharp contemporary fiction, usually with a liberal splatter of filth. She is the author of the dark, hot KNIVES & FLOWERS duo and the standalones TWISTED SUMMER, BEAUTIFUL MESS and THE GENTLEMAN HAS LEFT THE BUILDING.
In her new adult parody, TOUSLE ME, Lucy pays homage to her genre in the best way she knows how: by mocking it mercilessly.
Lucy lives in England, where she also works as an editor. She spends her spare time consuming lebkuchen, working through her TBR pile, and pretending she's an urban fantasy heroine in body combat classes. Her new dark romantic novel, VIOLETTA, will release in September 2014.
She shares lots of teasers on Facebook, so you should look her up right this minute, really, shouldn't you?

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Author Twitter: @LucyVMorgan

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