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When We Fall by Kendall Ryan! Early Release!

When We Fall by Kendall Ryan has been released early!!!

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My Review: 

When We Fall (When I Break, #3)When We Fall by Kendall Ryan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Knox stars!

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When We Fall is a book I have been anticipating since the second I finished When I Surrender.  The third and final installment of this series didn’t disappoint! It was just as good, if not better than the first two!
We were good for each other, plain and simple. Knox pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me believe I was worth something. And I forced him to deal with the pain in his past and examine the damaging coping mechanisms he employed. My life felt fuller and more meaningful than it had in years.

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Knox’s life hasn’t always been easy or perfect, but since he’s met McKenna, things have really started to look up. They work together, they’re good for one another. As a former addict, Knox has done a total turn around. He doesn’t even see any other girls right now, only McKenna.

McKenna is finally coming to terms with her past and what that means for her future. All she knows is that for the first time since her parents passing, she feels like she is in a family again. Knox and his brothers feel like home. Knox and McKenna both have fears. After losing the people closest to them, it’s only natural. But both do well to reassure the other that they aren’t going anywhere.

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Their relationship is growing and taking the natural progression. Really.... what could go wrong? Only that huge secret Knox has been keeping from his girl. When McKenna finds out, will she be able to move forward with this man she is in love with, or will it be too much to take?
I knew the extent of his past, the decision was mine. Either forgive him and let it go, and move forward with our future, or let it destroy everything we’d built.


I always enjoy Kendall’s writing and her steamy scenes. I was impressed with the growth and character development both Knox and McKenna showed at the end of the series. When I find a story where I love both main characters, that makes me a happy reader. That is the case here. McKenna is relatable, sweet and kind. Her relationship with Knox’s brothers is one of my favorite things about this series. And Knox is my beautifully damaged boy. I’m so happy that he was finally able to get himself together.

Overall, this is a sexy, sweet and captivating series. The writing is great, the characters are endearing and it’s one I would for sure recommend.

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