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Perfectly Damaged by E.L. Montes

Perfectly DamagedPerfectly Damaged by E.L. Montes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Damaged Stars!

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Perfectly Damaged is a emotional and beautiful story about learning to love your self and accepting love from others just the way you are. Mental illness is a topic that’s not often spoken about. You might read about bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression etc, but I’ve never read about anyone with schizoaffective disorder. It was very interesting and after doing some research, I can tell the author wrote this story realistically so bravo for that.

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Jenna is not your average girl. She has an illness that others can’t always see. One that she can’t control. No matter how many meds she takes, or how much therapy she goes through some days, she just can’t turn off her mind. After losing the one person in the world who ‘got her’ always rallied for her and loved her unconditionally, (her sister, Brooke) things have been harder than normal. She has her father, who loves her dearly, but works a lot, and her best friend Charile, but that’s about it.

Jenna is out swimming one day and gets saved by Logan Reed. Logan works construction with his uncle and they are doing work on Jenna’s family guest house. Logan is attractive, he’s covered in tattoos.

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When Jenna kisses him out of the blue to get rid of some guy, he is intrigued. And so is she.
For a short moment within that one kiss, I forgot who I was. The world around us was completely still. I was lost in the arms of a complete stranger. That’s what bothers me most: him. He bothers me. I know nothing about him, so how the hell could he make me feel so aline, so at peace, so... safe?

Logan and Jenna develop a wonderful friendship throughout the story. It’s obvious to everyone around them how attracted they are to one another, but Jenna can’t go there with him. She can’t go there with anyone. She can’t risk losing this boy she’s grown to care for a depend on.
Deep down I know he’ll never want to be with someone like me. The real me. The me he has yet to see. The question is if I keep spending time with him, will I be able to keep that part hidden?

Logan is not naive. He knows Jenna is going through something, he just doesn’t know what. All he knows is he wants her happy. He will be there for her, no matter what.

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I want her to be surrounded with brightness in her life. I want her to fight through the darkness and find her light someday.


Logan Reed is a dream man. I love a cocky guy with tattoos, but this man is so much more than that. A guy who starts out as a player turns into a man who is a best friend, a confidant, someone who Jenna can count on. Someone who loves her deeply with out judging, who never gives up on her even when he finds out some of her issues. He is sweet, swoony and snarky at times. I adored him!
“I’m not going to give up on what we have over what you’re dealing with. We can take care of it together.”

Jenna was a heroine with some issues, but she was amazing. The strength she has after induing all she has in her life is astounding. I also loved Jenna’s dad and best friend, Charlie. Her mom was another story. I’m not sure if the things she said and did would ever be redeemable to me.

Watching Jenna and Logan go to friends to more was something special. The way Logan made Jenna feel and the way he loved her no matter what was inspiring.

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The only reason I didn’t give this five stars was the fact that it took me a little while to connect with the story. It didn’t pull me in right away. That and the fact that it didn’t effect me like I expected it to. When I’ve read books like Find you In the Dark, Therapy and Reclaiming the Sand (Just to name a few) they had this automatic profound effect on me. I felt fully invested in those stories 100% of the time. This one took a while, but once I got further into the story I really loved it. The writing was fluid and loved the message it provided. That no matter who you are and what you’re going through in life, there are people out there who will love you with no judgments or reservations. If you’re looking for a beautiful love story with a swoony hero and a strong herione, this is one I’d recommend!

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*ARC kindly provided in exchange for honest review*

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