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When I Break by Kendall Ryan- blog tour

When I Break (When I Break, #1)When I Break by Kendall Ryan
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4 Stars

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When I see this at the begining of a book- it makes me excited to read...
Contains a stubborn alpha male with addiction issues and loads of sexual tension between two damaged characters. Read at your own risk. Due to mature content, it is recommended for ages 17+.

When I Break is the story of Knox and McKenna. Two people who meet under interesting circumstances.

First there is McKenna. McKenna is a twenty one year old virgin. She is fresh out of college and leading a sex addicts group as their counselor.  After both of her parents passed away when she was a teen, she’s been pretty alone. She doesn’t have any other family, not many friends and spends all her free time volunteering.
I knew how pathetic I was. A sexual addiction counselor and technically still a virgin.

Then there is Knox. Knox seems like this big playboy, but he has an entirely different side. Ever since his mother died and his father took off, Knox has taken over as ‘dad’ for his younger brothers. He is their guardian, and it’s a lot of responsibility for someone his age. Knox does the best he can, but sometimes things get a little overwhelming.
I tried to do all the right things since our father left- I worked hard all week, took care of my brothers, and paid the bills. But when I sought a little relief during my free time, I always found myself in a pile of shit.

When Knox meets McKenna at his mandated sex addicts meeting, there is something different about her. She sees him in a way others don’t.

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Even though it probably isn’t the best idea for a sex addict and his counselor to spend time together, they do. McKenna meets Knox’s brothers  and sees the real side of Knox. The more she gets to know him, the more she wants to know.
I wanted to learn everything there was to know about this troubled, beautiful man.

Both McKenna and Knox use something to make them feel better. McKenna overexerts herself into volunteering, and Knox uses sex.
Perhaps Knox and I weren't so different after all. He just medicated himself in a very different way.

For two people so different, they are more alike then they would have thought.

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Knox has someone in his life that understands him. Someone he can talk to  and will listen without judgment.
"After everyone goes to bed, the emptiness and loneliness become too much. I need relief and that's how I seek it."

McKenna is different from any other girl he’s been with. McKenna is starting to have feelings for Knox. Feelings she shouldn’t be having for a guy in a sex addicts group. She can’t help it. She wants to be with him, to fix him. And Knox wants her more than anything. But it can’t be like it usually is. He actually wants to take it slow with McKenna.
The craziest thing was, I didn't want to rush her. I mean, yeah, I wanted to pull her panties down her legs, but in a way, I didn't. I liked that next time there would be more for us to discover. I was going slow with a girl. And I liked it.

The author hit the nail right on the head with her note- stubborn alpha male, loads of sexual tension between two damaged characters. McKenna and Knox have some intense chemistry, but how far will things go between these two?

Knox and McKenna. I loved them both! McKenna’s a sweet girl. She has issues just like Knox, but choses to deal with them in a more positive way. Knox is a broken guy, he’s sexy as hell and he knows it. He uses women. All that being said, you will adore him. The way he is with his brothers- that made me swoon over him. If Knox and McKenna can deal with their issues together, I think they might just make it. I guess we’ll have to wait for book 2 to find out...

Overall, this was an enjoyable read for me. A little on the short side, but sweet, sexy and emotional. There is a cliffhanger- but book 2 comes out very soon- April 7th :D

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During quiet times like this, I loved how open and exposed he made himself to me. II knew it was a side of himself he didn't share with anyone else, and that feeling was addicting.


***ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review***

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