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RIDGE by Adriane Leigh is LIVE!

Ridge (Wild, #2)Ridge by Adriane Leigh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4-4.5 destructive stars

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After reading (and loving) Wild, I was excited to read about Lane Wild’s little brother, Ridge Wild. Ridge is very different from his brother. He made many poor decisions, but his heart was most always in the right place. Ridge was just as hot, but much darker.

Ridge’s story begins with Mia. Mia is the only one for him. He’s known that for a while now.

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She makes him feel different than anyone ever has. She makes him want to be better. There is only one problem. One huge problem. When Mia and Ridge got together, Mia was his brother’s fiancee. As much as Ridge wants Mia, he can’t see how it’s going to work. He can’t continue to sacrifice his brother’s happiness and the relationship he wants with him for Mia. He wants to do the right thing. Repair the relationship with Lane. Even if it means giving up the only girl he’s ever loved. He wants her, but how could it ever work...
How could we ever expect to have a future when our past was so fucked up?

Ridge and Mia go their separate ways, but he’s no where near over her. He misses her everyday. She was his salvation. She was better than the drugs he used to do, better than the alcohol. She was all he needed. But now, he has to find a way to live without her.
She was my high. She was my drug. That right there was better than anything I’d ever put in my body before.

Ridge starts back into some of his old habits. Excessive smoking, drinking, exercising, sleeping around. Finding someone to fulfill his needs isn’t too hard.

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    All orgasms were good orgasms, but the ones that walked the line between pain and pleasure were bliss.

Ridge does not like it sweet or gentle. Ridge likes it hard, dirty and a bit painful.

Ridge is still trying to make things right with Lane. He still is miserable without Mia. So he tries something else. Instead of sleeping around, he gets in a relationship with a sweet girl named Amy. He thinks maybe he could be happy with her. It would never be like it was with Mia, but it would be something. Could be something.

Months go by and things aren’t working. Things with Amy get way more complicated than he ever imagined. His self destructive behavior is hitting an all time high. He’s close to going back over the edge, back where he swore he’d never go.

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The times he’s seen Mia since their split have only made things more difficult. He can’t get over her. He needs her. The advice Lane gave him on the boat had me tearing up a bit (view spoiler)    “You’re my fucking brother. I want you healthy. And sometimes that takes getting rid of someone. And sometimes it takes running to someone.”
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More than anything, he wants her back. But is it too late? Mia hasn’t had an easy time either since Ridge told her to leave. They both have unhealthy coping mechanisms. They were both able to get past a lot of their issues while together. Now, they are both a hot mess. But maybe, just maybe, they can make it through it all. Together.
“Let me be strong for you . Let me take the pain away. Remember what we used to do, baby? The pain, the pleasure? I’ll be that for you, again. Take it out on me.”

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She’d pulled herself together after I’d torn her apart, and i’d been the one to crumble. She’d come back for me, even when I didn’t deserve it. She has strength she didn’t even know she had. But I saw it. Right there, staring back at me. My everything.

Ridge was one of those guys who did the wrong things for the right reasons. Or at least had the best intentions at heart. I loved his damaged self. The fixer in me wanted to jump into the pages, give him a hug then knock some sense into him. I respected that he wanted to salvage his relationship with Lane. I hate that he and Mia had to go through so much heartache to accomplish it.

Ridge was a great addition to the Wild series. You don’t have to read book one to read this, but I would highly recommend reading it first. You get a bit of Ridge’s back story and it is an excellent read. I don’t know which of the Wild brothers I loved more. They are both so different, so I guess I’d have to say I love them equally! I’m looking forward to Slade’s (Wild’s best friend) book next!

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a story about a destructive and broken hero (and heroine for that matter). It had a great mix of steam, darkness and romance, and I love this authors writing style.  You can’t go wrong with that combination.

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“We don’t have to fix each other. We don’t need to. You’re not perfect, and I’m not perfect, but we’re perfect together. It was never about fixing you. It was always about loving you.”


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