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Shattered Ties (Ties, #1)Shattered Ties by K.A. Robinson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Shattered Stars!!!

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"There are people who come into your life who deserve to be loved. They are the ones worth taking a chance on, hoping you don't end up broken."

Emma and Jesse grew up in two different worlds. Emma lives with her ex-model mother who expects her to be perfect. Dress perfect. Have the perfect friends and boyfriend. She is a shallow woman who looks down on anyone without money. Thankfully, Emma is nothing like that. She’s more like her father who is a famous traveling musician.  Jesse lives with his mother across town in a single wide trailer. His mother is a single mom who works hard to provide for them. She is loving, kind and just wants the best for her son. She is thrilled when Jesse gets a scholarship to the local private school.

Jesse’s not sure if he will fit in with all the kids there. He’s different from them. He stands out with his cheaper clothes, longer hair and his tattoos. Even with all that, there is no denying how attractive he is. Emma and her best friend, Lucy (along with most of the other female students) notice him the first day of school. Jesse has no intention of getting involved with any of the rich barbies at his new school. He’s there to get good grades that will lead to a college scholarship and make his mom proud. But Emma changes everything.

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Emma shows Jesse kindness from the first moment she meets him. He wonders what her deal is, if she has some sort of motive, but she doesn’t. It’s just her way, the type of person she is. She wants to be his friend. Truly, she could care less how much money he has, where he lives, none of it matters to her. Thats her mom’s deal, not hers. Jesse and Emma become friends, but that attraction is lingering in the background. They both want it to be more, but Emma’s mother would never let that happen. As their relationship develops, they find it hard to hide it from Emma’s mother and friends. But still, Emma wants to be with Jesse, and he wants to be with her.

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It was so refreshing to have a book where I genuinely liked both main characters! Emma was a breath of fresh air. She is sincere, honest and kind. Jesse was a sweet guy. He is so used to being misunderstood due to his economic status and his appearance, it took him a while to get that Emma really did like him for him and didn’t care about all that other stuff. I loved the two of them together.

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A great mix of sweet, sexy, heartwarming and heart breaking. A bit of forbidden romance, the rich girl with the poor guy told in dual pov. I loved getting the perspective of both Jesse and Emma. First loves can be intense, and these two have quite the story. The ending did stop at a bit of a cliffhanger, but I think it’s going to set up perfectly for the second book, which I’m looking forward to reading!

*ARC provided by author, K.A. Robinson, in exchange for an honest review*

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With a former supermodel mother and a rock-and-roll legend father, Emma Preston has the best of everything. Nothing is as perfect as it seems though. After her parents divorce, she’s forced to live with her mother in a private Santa Monica community. Ignoring their parental roles, her mother becomes more focused on climbing the social ladder while her father is off on tour.

Growing up in a trailer park with his mother, Jesse is used to people looking down on him. When his mother begs him to submit an application for a scholarship to one of Santa Monica’s top private schools, he never expects to actually get it. When he does, he is forced to attend school with a bunch of rich kids. He ignores their stares as they judge him for having tattoos and a less than impressive car. As long as he has his surfboard and the guys at the tattoo shop, he knows he can make it through.

When Jesse shows up on the first day of school, Emma can’t help but be intrigued. Her mother would never approve of Emma talking to someone so poor, but she doesn’t care because something about Jesse draws her to him.

Jesse tries to hate Emma, but he discovers that he can’t resist her. Forced to hide their relationship from Emma’s mother and everyone else around them, things start to fall apart. When Jesse’s friend, Ally, decides to interfere, things go from bad to worse.

Can they survive their first love? Or will they be left with nothing more than shattered ties?

Book 1 of a 2 book series. 

“So, what’s your story?” I asked, unable to stop myself. He looked confused. “What do you mean?” “I was just wondering where you were from.” I gestured to his tattoos. “You don’t fit the mold for most of the guys around here. Did you just move here or something?” He hesitated for a split second before I saw determination fill his eyes. “Nope. I attended the public school across town all my life. I’m here on a scholarship. As for my tattoos, I like to be creative, and sometimes, I use my body to do it.”I felt my cheeks turn red from embarrassment. I was sure he could get very creative with that body of his. 

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