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Blog Tour: CAGE by Harper Sloan 5/5 Stars!

Cage (Corps Security, #2)Cage by Harper Sloan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Beauty and the Sexy Beast stars!!!

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From the moment I met Greg Cage in Axel I knew he was my type of guy. I have been anxiously awaiting this sequel, and it didn’t disappoint!

Now, without further ado... meet my newest book boyfriend: Greg Cage, or as I like to call him, SEXY BEAST!

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Greg Cage is a great best friend, brother figure to Izzy, and PI. What he isn’t is a boyfriend. He doesn’t do relationships. Especially with the type of women he spends his time with.
Crazy bitches. This is why I’ve avoided relationships for so long.

Cage doesn’t really have any family, Izzy is like family to him. His sister was tragically taken from him ten years ago, and he also lost his mother. His story broke my heart at times. Cage takes a lot of the blame for things that happened in the past that were no way his fault. He is a protecter. He feels like there is something he should have done. Thank goodness he has Izzy, someone thats family to him.
Izzy and I have the best friendship. A lot of people thing it is crazy, me being so close with a chick, but Izzy isn’t just anyone to me. She is my blood... even we we aren’t really. She holds just as big of a piece of my heart as Grace once did.
Damn, I miss Grace.

Cage would do anything for Izzy, or her family. Including taking her sick son to the doctor. While at the dr office, Cage sees a woman like no other. He has to pick his jaw off the floor, she is that much of a knock out. Melissa is a nurse at the doctors office. She sees Cage, and notices how attractive he is, but she’s not going there. Nope. She has similar demons in her past, after losing her own sister.
I might be many things, but I am also smart enough to learn from the past. Smart enough to know that no man who oozes so much alpha male will be happy with a woman who isn’t weak. Or, he won’t settle until he makes me weak, and I will never be that bitch.

Cage soon finds that Melissa is friends wiht Izzy and ends up seeing her over the next few days. He wants her. He needs to have her. The sexual tension between these two was off the chart!

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I need her. Needing someone is not something I am used to. No, I am used to being needed... something this woman clearly doesn’t want.

The more time Melissa and Cage spend together, the more their chemistry grows... Damn those two are HOT together! Just a happy little tidbit- Greg Cage is ‘decorated’ x3!
‘Beauty, you can call me whatever you want as long as you’re screaming it.’

The next time you call me Sir, it better be when you are begging me to let you come.

‘Watch it, Melissa, you’re playing with fire.’
‘Always did like it hot.’

‘Like what you see, Beauty? Tell me how bad you want my dick.’

There connection isn’t just physical. For the first time in a long time, Greg Cage wants more with a woman. More than just sex. He’s never felt this way before, and he knows Meli feels it too. She is just more hesitant to admit it.
‘Just give it a try. You don’t get a connection like ours and just throw it away. Just try.’

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I adore Greg and Melissa together. And add her little nephew Cohen into the mix, it will melt your heart! The interactions between Cohen and Cage had me in tears. Everything is going well in their relationship, besides some drama with a crazy ex fling of Cage’s. But there is a secret between them. Cage is afraid of Melissa finding out. Afraid it will change everything between them. He is just now getting her to open up more, getting her to let him be there for her, be her strength, he doesn’t want to risk changing that.

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Eventually, Melissa finds out. She is hurt that Cage would keep this from her. What they have is far to special to throw away. Cage just has to get Melissa to see that.
If you want something, you fight for it. When you thing you have fought hard enough, fight a little more. Don’t ever let anyone or any situation make you who you are.

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Alpha males... I have a weakness and Greg Cage is alpha to the extreme! Protective, sweet, caring, sexy, delicious... I could go on about him all day! Greg Cage is by far the BEST thing about this book! Melissa is not your typical heroine... for one, she is not annoying or whiny at all, she’s actually pretty bad ass and awesome! Cage and Melissa had similar pasts and were able to connect on that level. I adored reading about Cohen and Cage, that was one of my favorite things about the book. It was also great to catch up with the rest of the Corps gang- Izzy and Axel + baby Nate, Beck and Dee, Coop, Emmy and ♥Maddox ♥... hehe.

Sometimes, when I really like the first book in a series I am nervous to read the second... is it going to be as good? Well, I have to say that I couldn’t have been happier with the sequel. Better than the first! I was not disappointed one bit. This is a fantastic series and I’m looking forward to the rest! My only complaint(which isn’t really about the book at all lol)... My Maddox Locke’s book is NUMBER 5? You are going to make me wait that long, woman? Okay, okay... I guess there is something to be said for saving the best for last! Anyway, if you are looking for a sexy as hell alpha male, bad ass heroine, a steamy read with some action, drama, suspense with some sweet and swoony moments, look no further! I highly recommend this series! 5 huge, thick, and decorated stars from me! :D

***ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review***

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**Warning** This book is intended for a mature reading**
"Alpha heroes you'll want to kidnap and keep, heroines to root for, and sizzling love scenes 
with emotional punch." Carly Phillips, NY Times Bestselling Author
Greg Cage was born to protect. While growing up, he was his mother and sister’s shield 
against the world... until he failed. For the last decade, he has carried that guilt and need for
vengeance around... until it was stripped from him. Now, with his best friend getting married
and no longer needing his protection, he is even more lost, completely adrift, and desperate 
for some control. All he has ever known was how to protect: his family, his friends, and his 
country. Can he go against everything he has ever known, and give up that control?
Melissa Larson will never let anyone hold the reins in her life. She has been the rock in her 
family for more years than she can remember, and the fight to keep them together is her 
main priority right now. She has always been fiercely independent and proud. The last thing 
she will ever do is ask for someone else’s help. But when that choice is out of her control, 
forcing her to rely on others to save her and her family, and pick up the pieces that are left, 
will she be able to let someone else be her strength?
The second Greg locks eyes with Meli, he knows that she is someone he needs. Someone he 
craves. Meli knew the second she met Greg that he would be nothing but trouble and 
heartache. Her life takes an unexpected turn, and that bitch Fate is back to wreak more 
havoc on another member of the Corps family.
All hell breaks loose, leaving Greg no choice but to call in a favor. He hooks back up with his 
old friend Braxxon Breaker from the Breakneck MC. Together, they make sure that nothing 
threatens anyone Greg loves again.
CAGE is a complete story with a HEA.

Author Info:
Harper lives in small town Georgia just a short drive from her hometown of 
Peachtree City. She (and her 3 daughters) enjoy ruling the house they 
dubbed 'Estrogen Ocean', much to her husband’s chagrin. Harper has a 
borderline unhealthy obsession with books; you can almost ALWAYS find her 
with her ereader attached. As an ex-reviewer and blogger, Harper's passion 
for reading runs deep. It wasn't until 'Axel' decided to take up residence that 
she realized her true calling.
She started using writing as a way to unwind when the house went to sleep 
at night; and with a house full of crazy it was the perfect way to just relax. It 
didn't take long before a head full of very demanding alphas would stop at 
nothing to have their story told.
Contact info:
Twitter @harpersloan
Instagram @harper_sloan
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