Friday, September 13, 2013

Review of First Position by Prescott Lane

First PositionFirst Position by Prescott Lane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

* I was given an ARC in exchange for my honest review from the author*

First Position was a very well written story. The story starts out with Emory and her fiancé breaking up, she realizes that although she loves Eric, but her heart truly belongs to the one who left her because she wouldn't give up her dream of being a dancer. She goes to get food for her and her roommate, Wesly, who I love by the way, and who does she run into(literally) Mason, her ex. He knows he made a mistake when he left her, so he decides he wants to try to get her back.

Mason is married to a real BITCH, a woman who only married him to get the fame from him being in the NFL. And as soon as he was injured she wanted a divorce. Emory struggles with things from her past, and is afraid of getting involved with Mason again, because he hurt her so bad before. So they decide to take things slow.

This is where the drama starts, Mason's wife wants more money, Mason hides things from Emory, Emory is hiding something from Mason, so much stuff happens to them. But the worst of it all, was when Emory finally decided to tell Mason her secret.....I cried like a little baby over that scene. Seeing Mason all tore up, and then lashing out at her, even though clearly Emory was just as devastated as he was.

In my opinion the story was compelling, I connected with the characters, and the story was well written. My only complaint was how you got thoughts and feelings from every character in the book. Even the bartender Clive got to speak. this is the first book that I've read where you get into everybody's head. It didn't make me dislike the story, or the writing, it was just a little different than what I was used to.

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